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The artist’s first exhibition in the Veneto took place in 1986, at the Galleria Communale di Arte Contemporanea Ai Molini, in Portogruaro, where he also exhibited the following year.

In 1991 he held a show at the Galleria Rettori Tribbio 2 in Trieste, where he returned in 1992-1994.  In the same year an exhibition was dedicated to his work at

the Exhibition Room of the cloisters of the B.V. Basilica delle Grazie, in Udine.

In 1992 his was the guest exhibition at the “Palace of captains”  in Bagno di Roma (Forli). 

In 1996, in honour of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Giambattista Tiepolo, the artist was invited to take art in the touring show A Phenomenon of the European Spiritual Union; Dress as a Metaphor at the Villa Nazionale Pisani, Stra’ in the Veneto, an exhibition promoted and organised by various bodies. Le Venezie, Regional councils of Veneto and  the Regional councils of Friuli , Provincial council of Trento, in collaboration with the the superintendent of the Cultural and Artistic Aspects of West Veneto, the Cultural Institute of Hamburg, Germany. In the same year he was personally invited to take part in the exhibition Land of Water, organised by the Casa dei Carraresi in Treviso.  The event was promoted and organised by Le Venezie, Municipal of Teviso , Regional councils of Veneto, Regional councils of Friuli, the Province of Trento, Fred Licht of the science committee and the curator of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum of Venice.

Corrado Albicco and Giuseppe Raffaelli in 1998 invited the artist to The first Biennale Postumia Giovani curated by Renzo Margonari for the Museo d’Arte Moderna di Gazoldo degli Ippoliti in the province of Mantova, to represent the new artistic currents in Friuli.  In the same year, Roberta Castellani, for the Fondazione d’Ars , invited the artist to exhibit in a solo show as part of the Antico Palazzo della Pretura a Castell’Arquato, an artistic event curated by Giorgio Seveso.

In 1999 Corrado Albicocco requested his presence at the engraving show Between Plate and Paper, at the Palazzo Anton Veneta at Codroipo (Udine), where M. Berber, G. Celiberti, P. Dorazio,  F. Dugo, G. Ferroni, R. T. Ferroni, P. Guccione, W. Piacesi, G. Santomaso, E. Scanavino, V. Valentini, E. Vedova, S. Zec, and G. Zigaina also showed. The Udine Provincial Department for Culture offered him  personal exhibition curated by Roberto Tirelli and Tiziana Novello, at the Sala della Confraternita’ del Castello.  The event, documented by a catalogue, saw the collaboration of The Civic Museums with the Udine Galleries of History and Art.  In 2001 the artist was one of those present in the new collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, which took place in the ancient castle of Saint Peter in Cerro (Piacenza), curated by Roberta Castellani and presented by Pierre Restany, with the collaboration of the D’Ars Foundation and Gabriele Mazzotta Editore.

In 2002, invited to take part in the competition SOS Givigliana the artist was chosen as the winner, to create the murals which will decorate three sides of the local Friulian belltower, covering a total of approximately 200 sqm.  This will become the symbol of the locality; the first step towards the rebirth of an existing community.  It was also in 2002 that, selected as the Italian pastellist, the artist showed at the exhibition Contemporary Pastels in Europe, organised by the Ferrero Foundation and patronised by Unesco, and showing first in Cuneo, Italy, and then in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the State History Museum. 

Also in 2002 the artist presented the painting cycle Among Greeks and Peuceti, Gods and Heroes in the rooms of the Norman-Suabian Castle in Gioia del Colle (Bari) in collaboration with the Archaeological Superintendence of Puglia. 

In 2003 the artist partecipated in the Venice Biennale in the section Extra 50.  Invited by Guglielmo di Mauro, curator of the project ‘Brain Academy Apartment’ and promoted by the State Art College of Venice.  The artist took part as a multimedia painter with a ‘plotted’ piece (a digital print on PVC, 130cm x 200cm) and this piece, along with others, formed an integral part of the installation placed in the Giardini of the Biennale. The following year the artist took part in an exhibition in China, at the Yixing Technical and Vocational College; then, in 2005, the artist participated in the London Biennial with ‘Mail Art’, in Helsinki and in Vienna, through the Italian Cultural Institutes.

In 2006, again through the initiatives of the Italian Cultural Institutes, the artist showed in Finland, Sydney, Budapest, Krakow and Stuttgart. 

In 2007 the State Art College of Venice organised its own exhibition, supported by the Scholastic Director Bartolomeo Tribuna, and entitled Portraits, Artistic People, a series of paintings dedicated to personalities of the artistic world. 

The project benefits from the contribution of the Regione of Veneto and the Provincia of Venice (Regional and Provincial Councils), with the patronage of the European Parliament, the Comune of Venice (Local Council), Venetian Civic Museums, the Marciana National Library, the Regional Scholastic Office of the Veneto and is in collaboration with AIAP-UNESCO


© 2015 by mimmo alfarone painter

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